Our intelligence experts are constantly monitoring the dark web for stolen data

Our team of ex-military intelligence officers have infiltrated over 375 cybercriminal and hacker online communities, forums and chat rooms.

Our proprietary database now contains in excess of 17.5 billion leaked or stolen records from data breaches all over the world. One of the largest databases of its kind in the world.

Companies amass huge amounts of data which makes them a prime target for hackers. Cyber criminals publicly post for sale or privately trade hundreds of millions of stolen data records every month on the Dark Web, details of which include username and password combinations, dates of birth, credit card details, government identity documents and more.

Using this stolen information, criminals take over user accounts for online banking portals, social media and online dating profiles, online retail accounts, business email accounts and more.

When a database is hacked or leaked online, oftentimes the individuals affected don’t find out until it’s too late. Once your information is shared on the dark web, all it takes is one savvy hacker and poor cyber hygiene practices for your accounts to be compromised. Remediation can be stressful and reimbursement for financial losses isn’t guaranteed.


We take data privacy seriously –

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