Being hacked and having your identity stolen is more than a violation of your privacy

Your #1 threat is a Keylogger…and Anti-Virus Can’t Stop it!

For people who bank, shop and share information by mobile device or computer

We focus on stopping identity theft and data breaches…BEFORE they happen!


A Pandemic Problem...Keyloggers

When you’re online, you expose yourself to keylogging attacks. Using a Keylogger, cyber criminals can steal what you type on your computer and mobile devices. Every password, every credit card number, every message … EVERYTHING! Worse yet, a Keylogger CANNOT be stopped by Anti-Virus or traditional identity theft companies.

You Are Not Safe From Cyber Criminals

Your confidential information is being stolen. You've connected your entire life to the internet. Unfortunately, we've learned with recent corporate data breaches, you’re not always in control of your own data. Consumers mistakenly put too much trust in the companies they do business with and assume they'll protect and keep your personal information secure.

Take Back Control of Protecting Your Identity

Protect yourself against identity theft and keep your personal information secure with the only proactive identity theft solution available. We've integrated patented anti-keylogger keystroke encryption with traditional identity theft protection, monitoring and restoration services.

Being hacked and having your identity stolen is more than a violation of your privacy…it feels like your whole life’s been stolen.

  • Online Banking

    Each time you login to bank online, hackers can steal your usernames, passwords and account details.

  • Credit Card Info

    As you shop online, even a secure browser can’t protect your credit card information from keyloggers.

  • Personal Security

    Whenever you type your Social Security number or other personally identifying information (PII), you’re exposed to identity theft.

  • Personal Health Info

    Your personal health information is extremely valuable to hackers, who will sell it to the highest bidder.

  • Email & Word Processing

    Using a keylogger malware, cyber criminals can steal everything you type in emails and documents.

Don’t stress! With Secure CyberID’s Anti-Keylogger Keystroke Encryption Technology you can protect your desktop, laptop and mobile devices from a keylogger.