The Frequency and Severity of Data Breaches is Staggering

It seems not a day goes by without hearing about phishing emails & ransomware attacks. There’s no denying that identity theft and fraud have emerged as some of the most serious and prevalent forms of cybercrime.

The Worksite and Voluntary Benefits Industry is Stuck in the Stone Ages

As cyber threats continue to evolve into more sophisticated attacks, the cybersecurity industry has been forced to adapt their cyber technologies to mitigate these new advanced attacks.

Yet sadly, the worksite and voluntary benefits industry continues to only offer identity theft products that cannot protect employees and members from cyber-criminals.

Cyber Health & Wellness Benefits

Identity theft products cannot protect against cybercriminals hacking desktops, laptops or mobile devices and stealing your personal, confidential, and financial information.

Employees and Members deserve a better choice, the Next-Generation Worksite & Voluntary Benefit…Cyber Health & Wellness!  Resources to help protect families and improve online safety!