Improve your online safety

Everyone deserves the right to use the internet without fear of being hacked or becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud.

Make no mistake, your privacy and confidential data are at risk. You’re vulnerable to cyber attacks anytime you are online, so it’s important you take the necessary steps to protect yourself. However knowing what to do isn’t always clear.

Protecting yourself online might seem hard, but we make it easy.

Not to be confused with identity theft protection, we’ve created proactive tools to improve your online safety, secure your digital footprint, and help protect you from growing cyber threats.

Do you know your cyber wellness score?

  • Similar to a credit score, your personal cyber wellness score indicates how safe you are online by assessing over 70 personal risk factors. It’s simple – the higher your score, the safer you are.

  • Has your personal information been leaked or stolen in a data breach? Find out with our data breach checker & Dark Web Intelligence Monitoring. We’ll notify you of next steps should our Intelligence Team discover your information has been shared by cybercriminals and hackers.

  • After we’ve completed a vulnerability scan of your device and reviewed your cyber risk assessment, we’ll generate a personalized action plan designed to help improve your online safety and digital footprint.

  • In addition to the security awareness training on how to spot phishing email scams, you’ll receive alerts & educational emails about the latest cyber threats when a new breach or threat has been discovered.

  • It’s not always easy to know who to turn to when it comes to being a victim of cyber crime, identity theft or fraud, but our knowledgeable support team are on hand to help – whether it’s checking a suspicious email on your behalf, or helping you to complete a personalized action from within your dashboard.

Endpoint Protection

For anyone who shops, banks or works remotely from home

We’ve even included endpoint protection to protect your privacy and data. Click here to see how our Endpoint Protection protects you.