Individual Plan

$11.95 $11.95 / month

Your lowest cost cyber security protection with identity monitoring, fully managed identity restoration and $1,000,000 identity theft insurance.

We offer the ONLY proactive solution that protects your computers and mobile devices with Keystroke Protection to help protect you from identify theft & fraud before it happens.


If you’re looking to protect your family with enhanced cyber security protection, monitoring and additional device keys, check out our Family Plan.

Keystroke Protection i

Plan includes:

  • Keystroke Protection (Anti-Keylogger, Anti-Click-Jacking and Anti-Screen Scraper)
  • Protection for three (3) Devices
  • Desktops- Windows and Mac
  • Mobile Devices- iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet
  • Patent-Protected
Identity Theft Risk Score i

We will provide you with an identity theft risk score, based on data (Not a credit score/rating)

Identity Theft Monitoring i

You will be provided ongoing identity monitoring monthly, with proactive phone alerts.

Internet Privacy Scanning i

We’ll scan the internet to search for your information that is exposed and then we’ll even help you remove it.

Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Offers i

We’ll provide you easy access to opt-out of receiving “firm credit offers”, as well as unwanted mail/phonecalls.

Annual Credit Report i

Free Annual Credit Report Access and Reminder Service (All 3 Credit Bureaus)

Lost Wallet/Purse i

Should you lose your wallet or purse, we will assist you in cancelling/reissue credit cards and to close bank accounts.

Monthly Email i

You can expect to receive monthly emails from us, even if no suspicious activity is found.

Social Security Statements i

Social Security Statement access and reminders (Online-only)

Quarterly Newsletter i

Stay up to date on threats and discover how to enhance your identity theft protection.

Identity Restoration i

Fully managed identity restoration – U.S. Based

Identity Theft Insurance i

$1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance with $0 Deductible – Discovery Based Identity Theft Event*. Coverage for Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer (UEFT) is on an occurrence basis.