Family Plan

$24.95 $24.95 / month


Family Cyber, Privacy & Data Protection

We offer the world’s first personal cyber health score, report & customized action plan, security education, and proactive endpoint protection tools to help protect you and your family online, as well as keeping your privacy and data secure.

Keystroke Protection i

Plan includes:

  • Keystroke Protection (Anti-Keylogger, Anti-Click-Jacking and Anti-Screen Scraper)
  • Protection for nine (9) devices
  • Desktops- Windows and Mac
  • Mobile Devices- iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet
  • Patent-Protected
Endpoint Protection i

Locks-down your devices camera, microphone and speakers (In/Out).*

Personal Cyber Risk Assessment i

We’ll have you complete a simple personal cyber risk assessment.  This will help you better understand your current online safety profile

Device Vulnerability Scan (Initial) i

While you’re completing your personal cyber risk assessment, we’ll scan your device’s Operating System, Software Applications, Browser Extensions & Plugins for areas of vulnerability that cybercriminals and hackers can exploit

Personal Cyber Health Score, Report & Action Plan i

Helps you understand your current online safety profile, areas of risk and a customized action plan to improve your digital footprint

Secure Dashboard i

A secure portal which contains your Score, Reports and recommended actions to help reduce your cyber security risks

Dark Web Intelligence Monitoring i

Our team of ex-military intelligence officers scour the dark web to find leaked or stolen data exposed in data breaches.

Device Vulnerability Scanning (Ongoing) i

We’ll continuously scan your device’s Operating System, Software Applications, Browser Extensions & Plugins for areas of vulnerability that cybercriminals and hackers can exploit

Security Awareness Education and Threat Alerts i

You’ll have access to additional education and threat alerts

Address Change i

Specialists provide suggestions to be considered during a residential change to preserve the integrity of your personal information. The specialist will assist with change of address letters and notifying relevant parties that could affect mail forwarding. A proactive review of your credit file following the move searches for fraudulent activity that may necessitate resolution.

Military Families i

Military personnel and their families are considered soft fraud targets by criminals. This program facilitates access to unique proactive measures to protect families of deployed military personnel. Fraud specialists place Active Duty Military Fraud Alerts on the three credit files. Specialists also expunge the family’s name from preapproved credit offers and other personalized marketing for two years.

Protecting Children i

If a child’s identity has been compromised, a specialist will remove fraudulent entries. Once the credit files have been sanitized, the files are suppressed until the child reaches adulthood or requests that the suppression be lifted. Resolution reduces the likelihood of erroneous information impacting a child’s future ability to secure legitimate credit, housing, or a career.

Change in Marital Status i

Prior to marriage, a specialist will conduct a review of respective credit files to determine if either party has been victimized. If fraud is suspected, case-managed resolution will begin. The service provides insight pertaining to marriage licensing and other requirements. If a name change is to be made, the specialist will assist to ensure a smooth transition. Experience has shown that an extensive credit review is particularly appropriate during separation or divorce. The fraud specialist can also guide an individual through the intricacies of reinstating a family name with government agencies and institutions.

Break-In Claims i

This highly specialized program protects policyholders that have experienced a home or auto break-in from subsequent fraud as a result of stolen documents. The service includes credit reports, review, and credit monitoring at no charge.

Cyber & Privacy Services i

Oftentimes, just knowing what to do or who to contact can make all the difference. Our Cyber & Privacy Services provide invaluable resources and concierge assistance when real life events impact you and your family.

Fraud Resolution of Existing Privacy Issues i

One-on-one services address known and suspected fraud afflicting any family member: identity theft, account takeover, and credit card fraud.  Specialized resolution includes financial, synthetic, criminal, and medical identity theft.

Social Media and Mobile Device Services i

Specialists assist social media users to protect their personal information and online privacy, purge inappropriate online information, defend against online identity fraud, protect sensitive information on mobile devices, and defend against cyber threats.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Predators i

Fraud specialists can assist victims of domestic violence & online sexual predators by investigating, resolving, and defending against cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying.

Spousal Estate Services i

This highly personalized service mitigates the stress of mature Americans regarding issues of estate settlement. Estate features include review of the deceased’s credit file, procurement of required settlement documents and necessary notifications of death. The service also includes assistance with forms, benefits, and information protection when assisted living or hospice care is contemplated.

Document Replacement i

Document Replacement is especially useful for families entangled in a chaotic ordeal; for this reason it is commonly invoked by victims of a natural disaster or residential fire. Our fraud specialists have vast experience dealing with bureaucratic government agencies and institutions regarding the expedited replacement of sensitive documents. This service is not premised on a disaster. After all, who hasn’t misplaced a sensitive document that is difficult to replace?

Travel Privacy Assistance i

Losing a wallet or airline ticket is no small inconvenience when traveling domestically, but a stranded international traveler without a payment mechanism or necessary travel documents can become overwhelmed. This specialized service assists domestic and international travelers who find themselves without critical documents: passports, visas, airline tickets, credit cards, etc. A fraud specialist may initiate a variety of measures including coordinating communications with family and business associates in addition to transmitting emergency funds through secure channels on behalf of victims with no identification. Other measures include replacing documents, maintaining access to financial accounts, and facilitating a safe return home.

You are encouraged to contact our fraud department prior to departure. A specialist will provide travel precautions, suggestions for securing information, and contact information to be used in the event you encounter problems and require long-distance access to a specialist.