Family Plan

$19.95 $19.95 / month

Enhanced cyber security protection, monitoring and additional device keys to protect you and your family.

We offer the ONLY proactive solution that protects your computers and mobile devices with Keystroke Protection to help protect you from identify theft & fraud before it happens.


If you’re an individual and you don’t need to secure so many devices or you’re simply looking for a lower cost cyber security protection, check out our Individual Plan.

Keystroke Protection i

Plan includes:

  • Keystroke Protection (Anti-Keylogger, Anti-Click-Jacking and Anti-Screen Scraper)
  • Protection for nine (9) devices
  • Desktops- Windows and Mac
  • Mobile Devices- iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet
  • Patent-Protected
Identity Theft Risk Score i

We will provide you with an identity theft risk score, based on data (Not a credit score/rating)

Identity Theft Monitoring i

You will provided continuous identity monitoring, with proactive phone alerts. Both looking back and forward.

Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Offers i

We’ll provide you easy access to opt-out of receiving “firm credit offers”, as well as unwanted mail/phonecalls.

High-Risk Monitoring i

We monitor for suspicious account activity which could expose you to financial risks.

Dark Web Monitoring i

We scan the internet to find exposed personal information out on the dark web.

Annual Credit Report i

Free Annual Credit Report Access and Reminder Service (All 3 Credit Bureaus)

Lost Wallet/Purse i

Should you lose your wallet or purse, we will assist you in cancelling/reissue credit cards and to close bank accounts.

Monthly Email i

You can expect to receive monthly emails from us, even if no suspicious activity is found.

Social Security Statements i

Social Security Statement access and reminders (Online-only)

Quarterly Newsletter i

Stay up to date on threats and discover how to enhance your identity theft protection.

Identity Restoration i

Fully managed identity restoration – U.S. Based

Identity Theft Insurance i

$1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance with $0 Deductible – Discovery Based Identity Theft Event*. Coverage for Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer (UEFT) is on an occurrence basis.