Endpoint Protection For All Your Devices

For anyone who shops, banks or works remotely from home

Without your knowledge, hackers can infect your devices with spyware and malware.

Did you know that eavesdropping spyware can take over control of your devices camera, microphone and speakers?

Did you know that keylogger malware can steal everything you type on your keyboard…Login credentials, credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, emails, and even text messages… EVERYTHING!

Our endpoint protection is patented military-grade technology that protects your privacy and your data.

  • You type.
    We protect.

    You can’t stop malware or spyware from getting on your devices, but with our keystroke protection your personal information is secure.

  • Protect your financial information.

    Shop and bank online without revealing your credit card numbers, usernames, passwords or account details.

  • Protect your privacy

    We block spyware from taking over control of your devices camera, microphone and speakers during video conferences and web meetings.

  • Protect your personal information.

    Securely type your social security number, health and other personally identifying information (PII).

Without Secure Cyber360 ... What do you have to lose?

  • Online Banking

    Each time you go online to login to your bank account, hackers can steal your usernames, passwords and account details.

  • Credit Card Info

    When you shop online, even a secure browser can’t protect your credit card information from a keylogger.

  • Personal Security

    Whenever you type your Social Security number or other personally identifying information (PII), you’re privacy and your data is at risk.

  • Personal Health Info

    Your personal health information is extremely valuable to hackers, who will sell it to the highest bidder.

  • Email & Word Processing

    Using spyware, cyber criminals can steal everything you type in emails and documents.

Reduce the threat of a hacker

Stop cybercriminals from hacking your computers and mobile devices and keep your sensitive information secure. We protect all endpoints from eavesdropping spyware.

How Does Our Endpoint Protection Work?

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Privacy Protection for Desktop Computers and Laptops

Works on both PC and MAC


Outsmart cybercriminals

Protect your keystroke data at the point of origin – the keyboard – and deliver it safely and securely into the application or browser.

A new path to foiling cybercriminals

Our keystroke protection stops malicious spyware and malware programs by encrypting keystroke data and routing it directly to your internet browser or desktop through a secure pathway that’s invisible to the keyloggers.

Traditional keystroke data flows through a series of steps before it appears on your monitor, similar to running a relay race. Hidden in these steps is an area of vulnerability where cyber criminals try to take advantage using keylogger spyware.

We bypass the places keyloggers can reside, helping to eliminate your vulnerability to attack. As a second level of security, we protect the pathway it creates with a military-grade 256-bit encryption code. At the same time, we send out a sequence of meaningless numbers in place of keystrokes, making any data collected by hackers completely meaningless.

Key Features

  • Anti-Hooking Keyboard Protection
    Locks down your keyboard input, protecting it from eavesdropping spyware
  • Anti-Clickjacking
    Detect and highlight hidden clickjacking attacks to warn you from clicking on malicious invisible objects embedded in legitimate web pages
  • Anti-Screen Scraper Protection
    Prevents malware from secretly taking screenshots of your personal information or content displayed on your screen.
  • Clipboard Protection*
    Locks down the content saved when you use copy/paste and prevents applications from accessing sensitive data.
  • Video Camera Lock-Down*
    Locks down access to your computers camera, only allowing applications you’ve approved to use it.
  • Microphone Lock-Down*
    Locks down access to your computers microphone, only allowing applications you’ve approved to use it.
  • Audio Lock-Down (Input/Output)*
    Locks down access to your computers speakers and audio input/output, preventing unwanted applications from accessing or tapping into audio streams.

* Feature is currently available on Windows

Privacy Protection for Mobile Devices

Works on both Apple (iOS) and Android

An estimated 16 million mobile devices are infected with mobile malware, with threats constantly on the rise. We have the world’s most advanced security suite for mobile devices, with the power to protect your confidential information, online transactions and login access against keylogging spyware. We even help you create and store hard-to-crack passwords.

They can’t hack what they can’t see

Traditional keystroke data flows from your mobile keyboard through your operating system before it appears in your apps. Hidden along the way are areas of vulnerability where cyber criminals can plant keylogging spyware and malware.

We protect your keystroke data by installing a secure encrypted keyboard that creates an alternate pathway to your apps, routing your encrypted data around the areas of vulnerability. For added security, the pathway is protected by a complex 256-bit encryption code.

Key Features

  • Secure Keyboard
    Encrypts keystrokes and prevents from being logged into your mobile device’s data storage, no need to keep resetting your cache.
    *Works with all apps that accept a 3rd party keyboard
  • Secure Web Browser
    Encrypts keystrokes between your on-screen keyboard and the browser
  • Encrypted password manager
    Safely stores an unlimited number of passwords with associated websites.
  • Password generator
    Creates strong passwords based on your preferences and drops them into your password vault for future use.
  • Two-Factor (2FA) Authenticator
    Works with all OATH-compliant authentication systems to enable secure login to internal or external sites directly from within the application without the need for a physical token.