Standard Plan

$9.99 $9.99 / month

Your lowest cost cyber security protection with reporting and monitoring from a single credit bureau, $25,000 Expense Reimbursement Insurance and $1,000 in lost wages coverage for 5 weeks.

Like all of our plans, we offer the ONLY solution that protects your computers and mobile devices with Anti-Keylogging, Keystroke Encryption to help STOP identify theft before it happens.


If you’re looking for a plan with enhanced cyber security protection, monitoring and additional device keys, check out our Enhanced Plan.

Keystroke Protection i

Plan includes:

  • Keystroke Protection (Anti-Keylogger, Anti-ClickJack and Anti-Screen Scraper)
  • Protection for one (1) Device
  • Additional device keys are available
  • Desktops- Windows and Mac
  • Mobile Devices- iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet
  • Patent-Protected
Single Bureau Credit Report, Credit Score and Credit Monitoring i

You will be provided with a one-time single bureau credit report, credit score and ongoing credit monitoring and alert notification should a change or update occur to your bureau credit file. This notification is sent to you the same day that the change or update takes place with their bureau credit file.

Public Records Monitoring i

You will receive a report showing all information associated with your social security number, such as names, aliases and address history. This allows you to ensure there is no fraudulent activity already taking place. You will then receive subsequent reports if any changes or suspicious activity occurs. Monitoring is conducted monthly.

Change of Address i

If a change of address request is found, you will be notified, as this could signal that an unauthorized party is already using your information. Monitoring is conducted weekly.

Court Records Monitoring i

All digital criminal records will be monitored to ensure that no one is using your name in a deceitful manner. Monitoring is conducted monthly.

Assisted Living Identity Support i

Receive guidance for power of attorney and legal guardianship matters to assist with identity management and fraud resolution.

Breach Victim Notification i

Get support when your personal information is exposed by an employer, retailer, or any other third-party organization.

Break-In i

Victims of home invasion, car or boat theft have information stolen in addition to property. Our fraud specialists will assist you in protecting your identity, personal information, and financial data. These measures could include fraud alerts, account freezes and resolution services.

Child Risk i

Protect your children from identity theft and related fraud that can go undetected for years by getting assistance now.

Criminal Identity Theft i

Restore your good name and successfully interact with government agencies when your identity is falsely linked to a crime.

Debt Tagging i

Recover your good name after your financial information is incorrectly linked to another person’s outstanding debt.

Disaster Identity Support i

After a natural disaster, replace IDs and documents, access financial institutions, and communicate with family, friends or providers with our help.

Document Replacement i

Replace lost, stolen, or destroyed documents and identification, and get our help notifying government agencies and providers.

Email Compromise i

Helps thwart, detect and recover from email hacking that can lead to fraud. Plus, we help manage your identity and privacy in online communications.

Employment Identity Theft Support i

Restore your identity after criminals use your personal information for employment, which can lead to fraudulent tax and medical issues.

Estate Identity Support i

Preserve the identity and memory of deceased family members should their identifying information ever be misused.

Financial Identity Theft i

Regain financial stability after thieves take over existing financial accounts or open new accounts and run up debt in their name.

Marital Status i

Engaged couples, newlyweds and divorcees need special protection from identity theft, fraud and devious activities. We\’ll offer you tips, guidance and resolution services.

Medical Identity Theft i

Restore your medical history and benefits after fraud to help protect your physical and financial well-being.

Military Risk i

Protect your identity and credit with active-duty military fraud alerts on your accounts when defending our nation abroad.

Phish Assist i

Fight phishing scams that entice you to divulge personal data. Draw on our detection and recovery support to stay secure.

Proactive i

If your personal data has been lost or stolen, a fraud specialist can assist in the replacement of the stolen documents and place fraud alerts which can help to safeguard your identity and prevent any further damage.

Relocation Risk i

Safeguard your identity when you’re on the move. Make sure sensitive information travels safely with you—and that all your providers have your new mailing address.

Social Media Identity Support i

Manage your family’s reputation on social networks— and protect their identities and credit—with help from our fraud experts.

System Protection Guidance i

Receive assistance before and after a personal computing device, such as a desktop, tablet or smartphone, is compromised.

Tax Identity Theft i

Protect your identifying information after criminals use it to file a false return or steal your refund.

Travel Risk i

Replace lost or stolen identification, passports, visas, and other documents with our help no matter where you are in the world.

Expense Reimbursement Insurance i

If you have money stolen due to identity theft, you will be reimbursed for your losses up to $25,000.

Unlimited Assistance in Restoring Your Identity i

You will be provided unlimited access to a personal fraud specialist and unlimited access to our resolution center.

Lost Wage Compensation i

Compensation for lost wages due to identity theft, up to $1,000 a week for five weeks.

Travel Expenses, Elder Care, Child Care and Initial Legal Consultation i

In order to assist during the restoration of your identity, you will be provided coverage for:

  • $1,000.00 of Travel Expenses
  • $1,000.00 of Elder Care and Child Care
  • $1,000.00 of Initial Legal Consultation